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New Website Launched!

An update after an extended hiatus from blogging, and a note on where we are in terms of development!

Here at Thrive Games, we have been monumentally busy working on the multiplayer build of Dragon of Legends, making further changes to the way combat works to ensure our game is the best it can be before we proceed any further. While we recently experienced a lull in activity over the summer months, I decided to commit to building a proper website that will serve as a foundation for other web tools that we will build in the future.

You’re reading this on a brand new web presence!

On the horizon will be an up to date forum, one that will be incredibly easy to register for.

We have the current one in testing working with a Steam Authentication API, allowing users to register with one click, signing into Steam, and then automatically their credentials will be integrated into our Dragon of Legends Forum. Your Steam UserID and Avatar will automatically be inserted into your forums account.

A Sneak Peek at some Forum Functionality

Additional features include the ability to send and receive private messages to other users, the ability to subscribe to threads, a complete user profile where you may upload a cover photo and avatar.

From this panel you’ll also be able to quickly find instants of your mentions among forum threads, your Favourite posts, Notifications, and overall Settings pages.

In the Works for Forums

User badges, post count stats, online status, and more user metadata on the left of each respective user post. Definitely want to give avatars some more flair, including – as a wishlist – badges based on user level. We promised kickstarter backers exclusive forum flair, and founder titles, so those will definitely be a top priority. As with everything on this new web presence, we will be incrementally improving it as time goes on.

And now that this is Done…

…I’ll be moving onto more important things related to the core product currently to be released in an near beta state on Early Access. I have a number of ideas for cutscene content at the prologue, along with the same for areas in the tutorial phase of Gammal Island, this includes work on:

  1. The Intro Titles (Need some work as well)
  2. Environmental Asset QA (more norse structure flavour in town? Out of town?)
  3. More User Experience considerations overall

I feel like the summer has been overall productive but we will be definitely kicking things into high gear with rest periods well behind us now. It is our hope that this brand new website will allow us to keep in closer contact with our backers who have been very patient with us these last few months, years even.

Snow Progress
Other Developments

Snow men!

Northern Biome

Here’s a quick look at some brand new, revised biome palettes for the far northern reaches of Manheimr. Aside from coating everything in snow, we had artists work to shift the colour palette to a much more muted, wintry temperature. More to come on this end.

Interact Tooltips

Interact Tooltips

Inline with what I said earlier regarding overall improvements to UX / UI, we have added a variety of tooltips that pop-up when surrounding objects and certain NPCs around in the game. These include (from left to right, top to bottom) – “Talk to”, “Set Valknut Portal”, “Read”, “Trade”, “Exit”, “Enter”, “Buy Weapons”, “Buy Armor”, and “Buy Potions”. These aren’t set in stone by any means, but they offer us a chance to add context to the Use Key.

That’s all I can share with you for the time being, and we’ll have more updates soon.

Remember to like and share using these fancy new features below the article, and if you have some comments for us, we’re all ears!

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