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Greetings and Salutations

It is amazing to see so many of you excited to enter the lands of Hávámal! Your support means the world to us! Dragon of Legends is our dream project and we have been working on it non-stop for almost a year now. But guess what? It’s finally time to start showing the community what we have in store.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing a short gameplay demo to share how our game engine is coming along – complete with game environments, monsters, combat, and more!

We know you can't wait, so here are some gameplay screenshots to tide you over!

Community Forum

We opened up a forum so you can hang out with us while we put the finishing touches on the closed beta. Want to chat with the development team and meet other people who are going to play Dragon of Legends? Click here.

Dragon of Legends Forum

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To the Boards!

Art Featurette

You remember Björn and Freyja right? Those two Norse rangers you passed while you were signing up for the closed beta? Interested in seeing how they were made? Our incredibly talented lead artist Anna-Maria Klimkovic has prepared a speed painting video for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and watch her magic as she breathes life into Freyja!

Our Lead Artist, Anna Klimkovic, Speedpaints Freyja, the Norse Ranger.


We are pleased to announce that we will be applying for an indie dev booth at ConBravo! in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. If you’re in the area and really excited to demo our early beta, come to this amazing convention where you will have a chance to beta-test a 5 man dungeon. This will take place on July 24 – 26th, 2015 at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Also – we’re planning to launch a Kickstarter Campaign that will be going live in the next couple of months, so if you have any friends or family that might be interested in Dragon of Legends please spread the word and tell them about it. We’re a small team and we realize that we can’t do this alone. In order to make Dragon of Legends live up to its true potential as a timeless classic – we really need your help!


That's all for now!

See you next month!